How to make Thai Shrimp Cakes

(Kindly provided by  Linda Rosario)

Today I want to teach you how to make some delicious Thai shrimp cakes. If you like crab cakes, a challenge for you to try are Thai Shrimp Cakes. This food is very similar to classic crab cake but it has some exotic flavours and spices, just to be a little different. I think that you will love it.


List of Ingredients:

450 grams of shrimp
Some mint
Some cilantro
70 ml of olive oil
50 ml of sesame oil
50 ml of siracha sauce
30 ml of vinegar
Thai Shrimp Cakes - How To make?
The first thing that you are going to do is to prepare the shrimp. You can chop them by hand but this is kind of hard or you could use a food processor which is kind of easy.

Make sure to put the shrimp in the food processor, pulse it six or seven times for about one second each and it should be ready to go.

Now I am going to get one large bowl and I am going to combine all the Thai flavoring, I am going to start by adding some mint, some cilantro, then I am going to add some garlic, some ginger and some finely minced red bell pepper.
Next I am going to crack in one egg, add some Asian fish sauce and a little bit of mayonnaise.
Make sure to give it a good whisk and get it all blended together. Now I am going to add all of the chopped up shrimp, stir it around together and finally I am going to add half a cup of bread crumbs.
Make sure to mix all these ingredients with your hands and set it aside and let it sit for five minutes. I will now take some of the shrimp mixture and simply role it into the bread crumb, after it is rolled around and has a nice coating around it place it in your hand and gently form a little meatball shapSimply place it on a baking sheet and repeat the process for each piece.
Next, I am going to heat some olive oil into a large frying pan, take some meatballs and put them in the pan, I do not want to crowd them so give them plenty of room to move around. After they have cooked four to five minutes, flip them over until they have a nice golden brown colour.
Cook them for two or three minutes on that side and then place them on a sheet pan. After we have cooked all our shrimp cakes, we are going to make our spicy sesame dipping sauce. You will need a small bowl for the sauce, simply take some mayonnaise, place it into the bowl, add a little siracha sauce, a little bit of sesame oil and a little bit of vinegar.
Thai Shrimp Cakes

Stir it all together and now they are ready to serve. I usually like to lay them out on a nice and long plateau, I like to sprinkle just a little bit of sesame seeds over them and decorate the dish with some cilantro.


450 grams of shrimp....................................650 Calories

70 ml of olive oil .........................................110 Calories

50 ml of sesame oil.......................................70 Calories

50 ml of siracha sauce...................................60 Calories