A Revival For Perth Corporate Caterers

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After several years during which even the most experienced and accomplished of caters in Australia have suffered a down turn in the demand for catering services for the business sector, it now appears that the situation has reached an upturn. Undoubtedly, the reduction in demand for corporate catering services was caused by the overall downturn in the economy consequent upon the global credit crunch, closely followed by recession.

The Downturn

In the light of these severe financial conditions, where many organizations were in danger of going out of business, it is hardly surprising that they looked for ways of trimming their outgoings. It is equally unsurprising that the amount spent on catering was quickly identified as one of those areas where savings could be made without a significant impact on the fortunes and operations of the business. As a consequence, the corporate catering providers suffered a reduction the number of corporate orders that they were receiving.

The Upturn

Fortunately, the worst side-effects of the global recession now appear to be easing and many businesses are now reviewing their strategy with regard to their corporate catering budgets. As a consequence, caterers in Perth and the rest of Australia are looking at how they can secure what are valuable and potentially lucrative contracts in an increasingly competitive market.

Types of Corporate Catering

There are various different types of corporate catering and most of the major Perth catering companies provide an entire range of external and internal corporate catering products. These can include:

Special Corporate Events

There are many one-off corporate events that can attract the need for external or internal corporate catering. Larger organizations may choose  to host the event, such as a retirement party, an important product launch or to celebrate gaining a contract with a major customer, in their own premises, whilst others may prefer to hire a catering  venue. Either way, the caterers need to be prepared to demonstrate their skills, client-care and quality of products and service if they want to establish a relationship with the corporate client that may lead to more regular, ongoing work.

Regular Catering Services

There are various types of regular corporate catering services, which can provide a valuable source of work for catering companies. Many organizations are now resuming their previous practice of hiring external caterers for their breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner meetings. Obviously, this type of meeting is almost certain to be held on the premises of the business in question. Less frequent regular meetings such as board meetings and AGMs, which are more likely to be held in an external venue, also provide opportunities for local corporate caterers. Whether the food supplied is hot or cold, a buffet or waiter/waitress served, the corporate customer is likely to be amongst the most discerning and attention to detail and quality of service will be paramount if an ongoing relationship is to be forged and maintained.


As mentioned above, the revival in the fortunes of Perth's business sector has certainly created an increase in the opportunities for Perth's caterers. Nevertheless, those in charge of the companies' budgets are showing that they are determined to receive the highest quality catering services at the most competitive of prices. Whilst the prospect of an increase in corporate catering work clearly exists, only the most professional of caterers are likely to be able to secure those invaluable corporate catering contracts.

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