The Most Popular Catering Services in Perth


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Perth, WA is one of the country's most cosmopolitan cities and this fact is reflected in the type of catering events that Perth's caterers are called upon to offer to their customers. There is a wide, almost infinite, range of catering events that we at All Seasons Catering have been asked to handle over the years but our "bread and butter" services are those that keep our business and that of Perth's other caterers afloat. In this article we take a brief look at the most popular of these regular catering services, which, in no particular order, represent the most popular catering services in Perth and its surrounding areas.


Wedding Catering

The provision of wedding catering services is the lifeblood of every caterer. We have almost thirty years of experience in this field and are therefore able to provide a level of knowledge, expertise and attention to detail that many less experienced caterers are unable to match. The key requisites to providing a professional service are:

  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • Choice
  • Reliability
  • Sensitivity

As long as all of these components form the basis for a catering company's approach to its wedding functions, it is likely to provide a sterling service that makes the day one that the customer will never forget -for all of the right reasons!


Barbecue Catering

Not surprisingly, in the light of the super climate that we have in Perth barbecue catering is one of the most popular of the functions of Perth caterers. The two most important aspects of providing great barbecue catering are choice of food and choice of venue. It is all to easy, when offering a barbecue catering service to stick to the traditional foods such as burgers and sausages. The barbecue menus offered by All Seasons are somewhat more imaginative, including dishes such as Red Wine & Garlic Marinated, Chargrilled Scotch Fillet Steak, Spicy ItaliannPork Sausage, Honey & Soy Marinated, Chicken Breast Fillets and Homemade Garlic Prawn, Red Onion & Cherry Tomato Skewers, together with a range of equally imaginative and tasty accompaniments.


Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is the type of service that is most frequently employed because, by its nature, it can include daily services such as breakfast and boardroom catering. If a catering organisation has links with a variety of business customers it may be providing for their corporate catering needs throughout the week. This type of service is supplemented by the provision of catering for major corporate occasions such as AGMs, Christmas parties and retirement celebrations.


Party and Fingerfood Catering

Although these two services are offered individually, we have combined them for the purposes of this article because, in our experience, when a customer asks us to cater for their party, their first choice when it comes to food is one of the fingerfood catering selections that we offer. These  menus are ideal for parties, especially children's parties.


Budget Catering

Although not exactly constituting a type of catering event, many customers now request catering services according to a strict budget. Most caterers in Perth are willing and able to respond to such a request and to endeavour to confine their prices to the tightest of budgets.



As we have already mentioned, there are various more specialised catering services that Perth's caterers are called upon to provide. However, these are the core of every catering business. Whatever, the nature of the event, the keys to providing a successful catering service are professionalism, reliability and the highest standards of customer care.