Vegans Catering Perth

There has been much debate in catering and hospitality circles and within the wider food industry about the issue of vegan diets. There are many who cite what they consider to be a whole raft of health benefits that are associated with a vegan diet whilst an equal number are willing to set out what they consider to be a number of dietary and health issues that are associated with a total abstinence from any animal product. Fortunately for those who are involved in the Perth catering industry, our responsibility is to serve the requirments of our customers rather than to express any opinion on their ditary preferences. For that reason, the team at All Seasons Catering is always ready, willing and able to endeavour, when it comes to meeting a special customer request, to deploy their resources and come up with an imaginative menu to cater for a vegan wedding, party or other special event.

Whether a customer's veganism arises out of a health-related issue or simply because they feel a moral responsibility towards the animal kingdom not to eat their meat, we try to provide the best meat substitutes. Here is a list of the possible meat replacement substances that will be acceptable to most vegans and also provide a tasty and varied menu.


Tofu - Vegans Catering









As most of those who enjoy the diversity of Perth's food establishments will know, tofu is a genuine staple of Asian cuisine. Tofu can be sautéed, baked, fried or grilled to produce authentic meat substitute dishes and, in a different form, for making gravies and sauces.


Tempeh, whose origins lie in Indonesia is composed of fermented soybeans and other grains. Because it is a dense substance it need to be braised before cooking.


Also known as wheat gluten, seitan is a wheat derivative which is considered to be an excellent source of protein and is especially popular as a chicken substitute.

Other Protein Sources

For those vegans who are not interested in meat substitutes there are many alternative means of taking in proteins and these are readily available as part of a vegan catering diet. The most popular of these include whole grains, which are an invaluable source of fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Legumes are also fantastic protein sources, the most popular being pinto beans, navy beans and kidney beans. Equally popular amongst the vegan population are lentils, peanuts, and black-eyed and split peas. All of these can be used as a source of protein, especially when added to an imaginative salad menu.


As we have already stated, we at All Seasons Catering, Perth, do not hold any views, either way, about whether a vegan diet is one that should (or should not) be adopted. However, we are anxious to treat our vegan customers with the same level of excellence as all of our other customers. With that in mind, this article is merely an indication of some of the possible alternatives to animal based products for a catering event. We are entirely flexible when it comes to looking at any ideas that our vegan customers might have to enhance their enjoyment of their vegan catering function. If you are interested in any of our catering services, no not hesitate to contact us. Full contact details and a contact form are contained on the Contact Page of our website