Wise up on Waste!

Do we ever stop to wonder how much waste is created within the Perth catering industry? Not only is a significant amount of food wasted, there are the ancillary costs of the energy, water, and packaging that al have to be used during the process of transporting, storing and disposal. According to a UK recycling organisation, eating, rather than wasting all of our food would have the equivalent impact to removing 25% of all motor vehicles from the roads.

In response to the worldwide food wastage problem, Unilever Food Solutions has devised an app, Wise up on Waste, to help chefs and outdoor caterers to keep a record of their food waste over a given period of time, to identify the median volume of each specific kind of waste generated by meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, per day and by reference to cover or portion. Helping chefs track waste in their kitchens

The Wise up on Waste App

This easy to use app has been devised to engage and inspire both chefs and caterers alike to cut the amount of their food waste in a straightforward manner using their smart phones, tablets and other portable devices. The target reduction is a matter for the individual caterers but it is suggested that it should not be less than 5%. Of course, not only would such a reduction contribute significantly to the drive towards reduction in food wastage it would also have an immediate, positive effect on profit margins.

How Perth Caterers Can Cut Down on Food Waste

There are various methods for reducing food waste and we set out below some of the most straightforward

Postion Sizes

One of the main reasons that catering customers don't finish their meal is due to portion size. Whilst this does not apply to buffer catering, when serving set meals it is important to consider serving smaller portion sizes. If the client requests more it should be readily available.

Managing the Menus

Caterers should engage in effectively management their menus to ensure that perishable ingredients are used for a variety of menu items to prevent unavoidable spoilage.

Food Ordering Policy

If you over order food it will inevitably result in unnecessary spoilage - so do not do it!

Use Seasonal Local Produce

It goes without saying that seasonal produce has a lower risk of spoilage in view of the short, journey to your kitchen.


Wherever possible, think about using frozen, dried, bottled or canned goods rather than fresh ones. This can result in a cut in wastage without necessarily compromising the quality of the food.

Use Imagination

Imaginative catering can reduce food waste. The tops and tails of tomatoes conveniently used for tomato-based sauces, the trimmings from vegetables trimmings can be used in a recipe for soups and pork, chicken and other meat trimmings can be used in the creation of starters such as pates and terrines.


Ensure that you chefs are given regular training in food management and waste avoidance.

Audit Your Food Wastage

Conducting frequent food waste audits will assist in identifying the principal reasons for food waste in your kitchen.


If you are serious about reducing food wastage in your Perth catering company, why not try the Wise up on Waste mobile app. It can be downloaded for iPhone and Android and its designers suggest it has the capability of helping to cut down food waste by 20%!