Catering Isn't Just Food - Make Sure that Your Caterers have the Right Beverages for You!



When we think about catering our thoughts, naturally, tend to turn immediately to the food menu. However, catering does not just involve serving high quality food for your wedding, corporate event, barbecue, office occasion, barbecue or party. The range and the quality of the accompanying beverages is essential to providing an all-round catering event and we set out below some of the thoughts of the team at All Seasons Catering when it comes to meeting this requirement.


Offering a wide selection of beverages is essential if all of the guests of a particular catering function are to be happy with the service that they receive. At All Seasons Catering, we meet this need by providing three separate drinks packages to meet every taste and budget. Our standard, premium and deluxe drinks packages contain a real variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to cater for every taste.

Cater for the Event!

It is equally important that emphasis is placed on the nature of the event when considering the beverages menu. No sensible caterer would provide a range of beers, wines and spirits for a breakfast board meeting whilst providing only tea, coffee and soft drinks for a wedding, birthday or retirement party would be equally inappropriate. Of course, there are some events where a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is appropriate and this is the only type  of event where the drinks should be mixed!

Not Every Guest Will Drink Alcohol

Whether a guest is the designated driver, does not drink alcohol or simply does not feel like drinking on the particular occasion, it is important to cater fully for the non-drinker. It is not enough to provide a token non-alcoholic beverage. There are some high quality alternatives to alcohol, ranging from traditional, refreshing soft drinks to convincingly realistic non-alcoholic beers and wines. It should also be remembered that, whilst they do consume alcohol, some guests prefer the lighter varieties to the stronger alternatives.

Quality Counts

First and foremost, when it comes to beverage catering, is the need to ensure that the highest quality is provided. Caterers should steer clear of cheaper beers, wines and spirits and insist on only the best branded beverage products for their customers.


Of course, it is not always possible to cater for every taste in a standard set of drinks menus. A good catering company will ensure that their customers are made fully aware of their willingness to be flexible  and to add specific beverages to a set menu as and when the customer desires.

If we have this flexibility and adhere to the tips set out above, we can make our drinks menu complement the great food that we serve!