What Our Caterers Love About Catering in Perth

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We recently canvassed th member of our catering team at All Seasons about what they felt was the best thng about being caterers in Perth. When all of the answers were received we analysed them closely and are now able to report, in the shape of this article, on those factors that held the reatest importance. Some of them may be predictable, although one or two may bring with them a surprise or two.

1. The Climate

Featuring on virtually everyone's list of favorite reasons for enjoying life as a member of a Perth catering company is the fantastic climate that we enjoy in his part of Western Australia. Our perfect weather creates all sorts of catering possibilities because so many functions can be held outdoors. There is nothing better than to enjoy a special occasion in the sunshine and, in terms of the number of people who are able to attend the catering event, space will be far less limited if it is held on one of he popular external caterng venues that either the custommer or we at All Seasons can engage. We take account of the perfect Perth weather in our extensive range of affordable assorted barbecue menus, which means that we are among the most frequently chosen caterers for perth barbecue catering.

2. Being Part of a Happy Event

Another featue of being a caterer in Perth is the frequeny with which we are part of the celebration of a happy event. The most frequent type of happy event for our caterers is, of course,the receptionfor a wedding. To provide a catering service for a wedding can be highly pressurised, requiring endless patience, consideration and understanding. Despite this however, the experience of providing a newly married couple with the wedding reception of their dreams can be immensely satisfying. That is why this criterion appears so prominently on our list and also why All Seasons Catering's wedding catering services are so popular among couples in and around Perth.

3. The Interesting Venues

In addition to its unrivalled climate giving rise to the possibility of some fantastic external venues, Perth also boasts some marvellous interior venues, ranging fom the conventional high quality hotels, spas and golf clubs to nearby wineries or more  quirky veues such as Fremantle Prison!

4. Meeting Interesting People

There is no doubt that working in a Perth catering company gives rise to the opportunity to meet a whole range of different and interesting people. Perth itself s a multi-cultural city and, in addition to the opportunity that working in catering gives our staff to meet peiople from different races and cultures, they also encounter people from every sinlge walk of life, which they tell us gives them the opportunity to braoden their own life experiences.

5. Serving Interesting/New Dishes

A surprising feature of the likes of our catering staff is the pleasure that they report on serving people with interesting dishes, especially those that our clients have not tried before.


The happy conclusion that the management of our team of caterers at All Seasons reached when considering their responses is that they are happy to make our clients happy!

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