The Best Australian Food Blogs

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As a member of the Australian hospitality industry and specialising in the delivery of food and beverages, we like to keep a close eye on developments in the world of food. Not only do we try to add interesting news snippets and links to our site, we also regularly view the many top quality Aussie food blogs for recipe and menu ideas and to keep us up to date with industry developments. 

Having read so many food blogs we felt that it would be a good idea and a help to our customers and site visitors if we listed what we believe to be the top ten Australian food blogs. We should stress that the list is only our opinion and is in no particular order of authority, which is why it is not numbered. It simply represents the ten food blogs that we have enjoyed reading the most and which, consequently, we try to follow whenever we can.


  • The Hungry Australian is likely to appear in most people's list of their favourite Aussie food blogs. Not only did Christina Soong's blog win the Food Blog Category in the Australian Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs competition, it went on to win the overall award for Best Australian Blog for 2014. We love the way that Christina writes, her great presentation, the variety of her recipes and the fascinating travel section.


  • Not Quite Nigella is another marvellous blog, in our opinion. Listed by Noodlies as Top Australian Food Blog in 2014, Lorraine Elliott gives her followers  great recipes, a worldwide travel section and a comprehensive Sydney-focused restaurant review link.


  • Our next blog brings us to our home city of Perth, WA. When you visit Chomp Chomp, Martine's colourful images immediately jump straight out at you. Great food and travel and recipe sections and a comprehensive and balanced review of restaurants and food events in Perth, the rest of Australia, Asia and Spain.


  • The quirkily named Orgasmic Chef is the blog of Brisbane based Maureen Shaw. We liked the recipe index and easy recipe list and, just to prove that foodies rarely agree on everything, the site has a great list of Maureen's favourite food blogs - which doesn't entirely agree with this one!!!


  • We have already mentioned Noodlies and their own list of top food blogs and our list of our favourites wouldn't be complete without its inclusion. South Western Sydney-based Thang Ngo's blog provides a great exposition of food from all cultures in and around Syndey, with links to many Asian resources. Thang No also has an extensive writing porfolio and media presence.


  • Written by blogging duo "Chopinand" & "Mysaucepan", Chopin and My Saucepan is a food blog based in Sydney. A comprehensive range of recipes, travel links and restaurant reviews from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Malaysia and Singapore, accompanied by high quality, BIG imagery and music links make it one of the most user-friendly of the food blogs that we found.


  • Perth-based Kristy, otherwise known as the Queen of Bad Timing, has a really professional blog for one that has been in existence for less than three years. Great travel links covering Sydney and Melbourne, in Australia, and Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore  and Tapei, further afield and a useful division of recipes into "Savoury" and "Sweet" make this one of our real favourites.


  • Grab Your Fork is another of those blogs that is likely to be included in many other lists of favourite online food resources. The Sydney-based blog has won many awards over the years and is ranked in the Times Online top fifty world food blogs. Grab Your Fork has to have one of the most comprehensive restaurant review libraries on the net and a vast range of savoury and sweet recipes. Hours can be whiled away on this extremely professional food blog.


  • As UK expats, what we liked most about Melbourne-based The City Lane is that it is a truly global food resource. Its food and drink, recipes and travel links reflect its international focus and with a travel section encompassing Europe, The Americas, Oceania, Asia and Africa, it is a great aid to those who frequently travel the world and want to enjoy their food wherever they land!


  • Last but not least on our list is what you may think is something of a niche blog. Why we like Two Clowns Tripping is that it  is so much more than a food blog. It is much more like a comprensive guide to the island of Tasmania, its numerous restaurants and eateries and is packed with resources to guide visitors to the island. We enjoyed reading it because of its diversity, humour and local and international hiking and travel guides.