BEST FINGER FOOD IDEASWhen we are catering for parties and other events in Perth, we are often asked to provide a finger food menu, consisting of a variety of fast foods, or "convenience" foods. The fact that these foods are so described should not detract from the fact that, like all the meals that our Perth caterers prepare, quality has to prevail. We ensure that our finger food customers receive the same quality of service and food and beverages as do our wedding, corporate and banquet catering clients.

When we were preparing our latest finger food menu, we decided to carry out a little research into what are the best liked finger foods on the catering menu. Some of them will not be surprising, particularly to those in the catering business. Some, however, show a growing trend away from the traditional Western based cuisine towards the more exotic convenience foods of the Far East. We are sure that there are many possible additions to this list - everyone has their favourite - but we set out below what our researches suggest are the top finger foods.


  1. French Fries
    French fries - the faithful old "chip" comes top of the list.
  2. Pizza
    Next comes the Italian contribution - the pizza. All shapes, sizes and toppings make it a real WOW with Perth catering customers.
  3. Sausage Rolls and Pies
    Definitely an old time favourite. Modern developments have resulted in a range of more imaginative pie fillings.
  4. Sandwiches
    Another traditional favourite. All types of bread and filling underline the versatility of the "sarnie."
  5. Gujons
    Whether you prefer fish, turkey or chicken, the gujon is always a popular finger food.
  6. Spring Rolls
    Our first taste of the Orient. The possibility of catering for vegetarian clients is enhanced by the presence of the spring roll on the menu.
  7. Quiche
    Back to the traditional menu, quiche is another snack that can cater for the vegetarians amongst the catering clientele.
  8. Chicken Wings
    Whether they are served plain, spicy or with an accompanying dip, chicken wings have become one of the most popular of the finger foods served by Perth caterers.
  9. Crudités
    For the more health conscious clients, this finger food of French origin is another that is gaining more and more popularity.
  10. Fresh Fruit
    Finally, another item for the health conscious fresh fruit can be a great dessert to round off any satisfying finger food event.


Well, that's what our own researches turned up as some of the best loved finger foods.

If you think differently, and we imagine that there will be lots of different views, why not contact us and we'll happily add your own favourites to the list!

If you are interested in what we can do for your finger food event, visit Our Great Finger Food Menus