10 Quick Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Caterer

Tue, 24 Jan 2017

A wedding is one of the few occasions where nothing but only the best will do, and that includes hiring the best wedding caterers. Food is one of the event's highlight, after all. A wedding is incomplete without it. But it would be just as incomplete if the food service was bad and the menu was ordinary. So only the best wedding catering company will do.

best wedding caterers

But how do you choose the best one, when there is a cornucopia of options available? Without a doubt, All Seasons Catering in Perth has to offer the same.

How to pick the best wedding caterer

1. Sample the food to help you make the right choice. Being familiar with the menu is one thing, but letting your palate decide is another. Some food looks good in pictures, but not when served on a plate. Taste, taste and taste some more.

2. Get recommendations or references. Who better to know what a wedding caterer is capable of than an old client? For every caterer you speak to, ask for references and then talk to a couple of them for advice and recommendation.

3. Deal with service providers in person. Doing so is the best way to get a feel about your service provider. Do they communicate well, ensure there's no misunderstanding? Are you comfortable working with them? Do they give off that vibe of trustworthiness?

4. Obtain pictures of past events. Find out how a caterer set's up to the venue, the table setting, and the choice of linen and centrepiece? The tiniest details can make or break the entire setup.

5. Get a list of all available services. The best wedding catering provider should take care of everything you need, on top of the food and food service. They can also organise the vendors for you and coordinate with the wedding coordinator to ensure all the details tie up.

6. See if they ask about special requirements. Good caterers will always anticipate special food requirement, taking into account guests who might have allergies and dietary restrictions. If the caterer doesn't ask about them, they must not be that thorough.

7. See if they're organised and professional. The last thing you want is someone who will add more problems to the wedding drama. So make sure a caterer can handle the event properly, timely and professionally. If they are disorganised and late during the initial contact, they're like to be disorganised and late all throughout.

8. Refer to the event venue. They could have a list of preferred vendors, and bringing your own would require a bit of negotiation. You can also pick one from the list provided.

9. Find out who's in charge. No, not the sales person you spoke with, but the team who will be handling the food service during the wedding day. If anything goes wrong, you should know who to talk to.

10. Read, read the fine print. This is especially true with the price and other inclusions. Make sure you know what is included, what's not, and what's expected of you.

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